2018 AHA Resolutions

The 2018 Convention will long be remembered for the fire in the host hotel.  However, much work needed to be done by the over 300 delegates gathered to deliberate on important issues before AHA.  Below is a listing of the 2018 Resolutions and their final status.

2018 AHA Resolutions

Resolution Title/Description Result              Status

1Allow Specialty Cards for Ranch Riding– Experienced NRHA, NRCHA, judges licensed in another breed (i.e. AQHA, APHA, ApHC, etc), and/or those holding Specialty Cards with AHA are allowed to judge Ranch Riding.PassedEffective December 31, 2018
2Amateurs to Receive Re-numeration for Riders not Competing in Recognized Arabian CompetitionsPassedResolution 2-18 was disapproved at the USEF annual meeting.  An informal group will be formed to work on further crafting to see if a universal rule can be developed.
3Up to Four Concurrent Competitions in OneWithdrawnEffective December 31, 2018
4Defining Which Horses Compete for Breeding/In-Hand ChampionshipsApprovedEffective December 31, 2018
5Allowing Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Stallions to Compete in Breeding orIn-Hand ClassesApprovedEffective December 31, 2018
6Allowing Horses with Loss of Sight in One Eye to Compete in PerformanceHalter ClassesApprovedEffective December 31, 2018
7Defining Work-off Procedure- Work-offs will be judged as a separate class and horses must be tied for placings being considered.  Work-offs mays be called by the judge for any or all placings. In the event a work off is requested, those horses not involved in the work off must be excused to the paddock until the completion of the work off.ApprovedEffective December 31, 2018or when approved by USEF/EC
8Clarifying Green Working HunterApprovedEffective December 31, 2018
9Clarifying Novice JumpersApprovedEffective December 31, 2018
10Clarifying Sport Horse ShowmanshipApprovedEffective December 31, 2018
11Add Extended Gaits to Horsemanship 13 & UnderApprovedEffective December 31, 2018
12Judge or Designated Person in ShowmanshipApprovedEffective December 31, 2018
13Allow Concurrent Specialty Classes to be Held at RegionalsReferred to Committee
14Ad Hoc Committee Formed to Explore the Need for USEF AffiliationApprovedCommittee appointed and work is underway.  The report will be submitted to AHA BOD at August 2019 meeting.
15Disallowing Whips in Western Dressage Classes at NationalsWithdrawn
16Disallow Callers at Nationals in Western Dressage ChampionshipsWithdrawn
17Code of Ethics Modifications- A new AHA ethics be created by inserting the following: In the furtherance of their official duties, all Association representatives, including staff, licensed officials, and volunteers shall be treated with courtesy and respect and no person shall direct abusive or threatening conduct toward them … ApprovedEffective December 31, 2018

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