The Minnesota Arabian Horse Association (MAHA) offers its members a High Point Program with cash payouts by competing in Class A & B,  WSCA, AHA Regionals, Open, or AHA Nationals shows on purebred Arabians or Half/Anglo Arabians.

The cost is $10 per horse, per division.  Entries, including applicable fees, must be postmarked by June 1 and mailed to MAHA High Point, Attn: Sandy Woerle, PO Box 27, Springbrook, WI  54875. Riders track their own points on the MAHA High Point Summary Reporting Form and the MAHA High Point WSCA Open Reporting Form or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Completed forms must be sent to Sandy Woerle by October 31 (postmarked). A division must have a minimum of two entries to receive an award; entry money is not refunded in the event the category has too few entries to issue an award. Division winner’s receive $25 cash and Overall High Point winners receive $100 cash.


High Point awards will be given to the youth and adult earning the greatest number of points during the reporting period at open, local member shows, Class A, Regional, and National shows. Open shows include those that are open to Arabian and Half/Anglo Arabians. Classes within a closed show or closed classes themselves do not count toward MAHA’s High Point Award Program, which include 4H and Minnesota Arabian Horse Breeders Fall Fest Show.

Closed shows are those that, regardless of its rating, judge, approvals or any other factor, limits entries based on one or more of the following:

1. Payment of additional nomination fees, such as futurity or maturity, other than MAHA sponsored programs, or

2. Membership in the sponsoring organization other than MAHA or AHA, or

3. A show that is restricted to horses registered in a breed organization other than the Arabian Horse Registry of America or the AHA Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian Registries. Breed organizations as described above include, but are not limited to, the National Show Horse Registry and the Pinto Horse Association of America.

Any MAHA High Point Program questions should be directed to Sandy Woerle at 715-638-0369 or woerle79@aim.com.