Why Join the Minnesota Arabian Horse Association (MAHA)?

1. Minnesota Arabian Horse Association (MAHA) is one of Arabian Horse Associations (AHA’s) oldest and most influential clubs.

  • Founded in 1954
  • 3 MAHA members were past presidents of AHA including the only two women to hold that position.
  • MAHA member was the past president of AHYA.
  • MAHA members were instrumental in the creation of the Hunter Pleasure and Country English Pleasure divisions.
  • Two members were on committee that created the Sport Horse Division resolution.
  • USEF Youth of the Year Award.

2. MAHA puts on some really fun Class A shows!

  • The Spring Fling and the Fall Classic rated shows have a strong youth and amateur focus
  • Our shows have schooling classes, fun classes, stick horse, adult walk/trot classes.
  • Our shows have MAHA member-only classes!

3. MAHA supports of all levels of showing.

  • MAHA sponsors two WSCA shows every July.
  • MAHA creates and shares a calendar of open/schooling/fun shows that offer Arabian classes.
  • MAHA WSCA Shows are AHA Open Events Incentive Program registered.
  • MAHA is a WSCA member club.
  • MAHA sponsor a High Points for 4H shows
  • MAHA has participant liability insurance.

4. MAHA actively promotes the Arabian horse at Minnesota events

  • MAHA has a major presence at the MN Horse Expo each spring.
  • MAHA sponsors a WSCA MAHA queen to represent us at WSCA shows and events.

5. MAHA supports youth activities

  • MAHA has an active Youth Club.
  • MAHA supports the AHA Youth Association

6. MAHA keeps you informed.

  • All MAHA members receive the MAHA Express newsletter.
  • MAHA has two general membership meetings twice yearly.
  • MAHA Board Meetings are open to the members and member attendance is desired.
  • MAHA Regional Delegates keep the membership informed on regional and national items through written reports posted on the MAHA website.
  • MAHA members are encouraged to share their concerns and ideas on AHA resolutions with MAHA delegates.

7. MAHA provides its members with educational opportunities.

  • MAHA members have opportunities to learn from trainers, farriers, veterinarians, and other experts at the general membership meetings and in articles in the MAHA Express.

8. MAHA Members are involved in shaping Regional policies and activities

  • Regional Volunteer Awards (at least 4 members, 1 got it twice)
  • Region 10 Directors Award (at least 4 members, 2 got it twice)
  • At least 5 MAHA members have served as the Region 10 Director
  • MAHA members have served as the Treasurer and Vice Director of Region 10
  • MAHA members serve on Regional committees:
    • Amateur (6 members)
    • Awards
    • Bylaws
    • Dressage
    • Equine Stress (2 members)
    • Equitation (3 members)
    • National and Regional Classes Committee (4 members)
    • Professional Horsemen (2 members)
    • Working Western
    • Youth (2 members)

9. MAHA Members are active and recognized at a national level.

  • MAHA members have received the AHA National Volunteer Service Awards (3 members, 1 got it twice)
  • MAHA members have received the AHA Presidents Award (4 members)
  • MAHA members have received the AHA Directors Award (3 members)
  • MAHA members are leaders and are current and former chairs of:
    • Ethical Practices Review Board
    • Equine Stress Committee
    • Arabian Division Rules Committee (2 chairs)
    • National and Regional Classes Committee
  • MAHA members get involved in committees and are current members of boards and commissions of:
    • Delinquent Payments Hearing Board
    • Governance Committee
    • Sweepstakes
    • National Event Operational Procedures
    • Points Monitoring (2)
    • Registration (vice chair)
    • Youth Nationals
  • MAHA members serve on national committees including:
    • Arabian Division Rules Committee (3 members) more than any other region, far less any other club
    • Ethical Practices Review Board (current chair)
    • Equine Stress Committee (current chair)
    • National and Regional Classes Committee
    • Awards
    • Bylaws
    • Dressage Committee
    • Endurance Ride
    • Sport Horse Committee
    • Youth
  • MAHA members serve on committees or subcommittees dealing with critical issues.
    • Ad Hoc Committees or subcommittees dealing with critical issues
    • Scoring study
    • Hoof length and shoeing (current)
    • Withdraw from AHSA
  • One MAHA member serves on the USEF Board of Directors.

10. The most important benefit of a MAHA membership is meeting new friends and joining fellow Arabian horse enthusiasts in the appreciation and support of this wonderful breed.